How to become an expert home viewer

May 6, 2022

If you’re looking to buy your next dream house, you will likely be viewing several homes on the market.

You want to make the right buying decision for yourself and your family. It is wise to do your research when looking at properties for sale. Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep a notebook handy. Note down the characteristics of your home and how you feel about it. Can you picture yourself cooking up a storm in your kitchen? Are you imagining yourself entertaining your family on the back deck
  • Use a measuring tape. Is the furniture you intend to bring compatible? Your dining room suite? Your home’s fitness equipment
  • Ask about maintenance. Is it in a good condition? What, if anything, will be needed to be replaced quickly?
  • Find out more about the area. Do other homeowners take care of the properties they own? This shows pride and ownership. How high is the noise? Is there a playground nearby or any other feature in the area?
  • Create a list of compromises. Is it possible to live with only two bathrooms, instead of three?
  • List all bonuses. What amenities are desirable but not necessary in a home? A recreation room with an entertainment bar
  • Remember your budget. Is this within your price range? Can you afford to purchase this home?

You are more likely to find your dream home if you are more informed when looking at properties available for sale. So, why don’t you take advantage of my expert knowledge to find your dream home at the best price?

Call me and let me help you find your dream home.